Chicago? Awesome. Scooters? Also awesome.


We’re back from our long weekend, and the verdict is in: Chicago is awesome.

Chances are that you already knew that, but I just thought I’d make it clear, and reiterate the fact that I love Chicago. Sure, it’s expensive and almost impossible (and pointless) to drive a car there, but I love it anyway. So much so, that if I ever lived in Chicago, I would happily give up owning a car. And I love my car.

Of course, I’d need some sort of transportation, because I probably wouldn’t be living right downtown (unless I won the lottery and/or became a bum), so I’d pick up one of these, which is almost as awesome as Chicago itself. Riding one of these through the streets of downtown Chicago might just be the most awesome thing a person could do.


The reason for the jaunt to Chicago was for an awkward family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. It turns out that my family is bigger than I remember, and there a lot of people I have never seen before in it! But that’s neither here nor there, because the highlight of the weekend was the Chicago Apple Store which was right next door to our hotel and visible from our room! My mom would kill me if she read that, though she has become almost as Mac-obsessed as I am, so maybe she wouldn’t. Actually, it may have been the highlight of her trip as well.

I’d have to say the second best thing about the trip was being able to hang out with my sister and her boyfriend Austin, whom we hopefully did not scare off. The four of us (yes, I took Sonja) went to see Bye Bye Liver, an interactive drinking play which is exactly what it sounds like. I’m told that I had a great time.


I have plenty of good pictures from the weekend, and some of them are so good I should probably be charging you to look at them. I’ll throw together a web gallery in the next day or two, so you can just start writing those checks out right now.

We’re back home now, and because I spent most of the weekend in either my Target™ flip-flops or my Target™ sneakers, my feet, ankles and knees are killing me. I’m walking almost as stiffly as my 65-year-old dad, who has had three knee replacement surgeries (true fact!), so if you see me this week, please do not challenge me to a race or try to engage me in any sort of wrestling, unless it is thumb-wrestling and you are an attractive female.

Return of The Best Man

Those of you who went to my wedding last year may remember the speech given by my best man, Dustin. Although it was pretty funny, you could tell Dustin wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

That’s because he was only a few days removed from finishing law school and taking the bar exam, neither of which is a small task. In the days leading up to the wedding, I could tell Dustin was almost completely fried, and for a while I had concerns about his health and his ability to stand in one place for the duration of the ceremony (and it didn’t help that it was 106º on the terrace of the Walker Art Center). After all was said and done, he performed his best man duties well, and I was glad to have him be a part of the wedding.

Dustin recently got a chance to redeem himself as the best man at his brother’s wedding earlier this year and was much better prepared this time:

I’m Not Dead Yet.


Last Tuesday, Sonja and I saw Spamalot on its opening night here in Kansas City. In my house growing up, we actually went to a decent amount of plays, and there might have been a couple I enjoyed, but for the most part I found musicals to be very annoying.

Spamalot, on the other hand, was a lot of fun. Sure, the theater was incredibly hot and cramped, and the show was a little hard to hear from the balcony, but the show was really funny, and the songs were great. I think it’s safe to say that it’s my favorite musical EVER. I would highly recommend seeing this play if you have a chance. It’s enough like the movie to be recognizable, but also different enough to feel fresh. I’m still trying to figure out how they did the sword fight with the black knight.

In other news, Sonja and I are going to Chicago this weekend for a reunion of my mom’s side of the family. We’re excited because if we could choose anywhere to live, Chicago would be second only to Maui, and only barely edging out Minneapolis.

Speaking of reunions, last weekend was my 10th high school reunion. I didn’t attend, mainly because I didn’t feel like making the 3 hour drive, but I probably wouldn’t have gone even if I still lived in Iowa. After high school, I kept in contact with the people that I wanted to, and I still talk to them today. The rest of my class, well, there are some people I wouldn’t mind seeing again, but they were probably about as likely to show up as I was.

I didn’t attend the 5-year reunion either, but I was in town that day, just by coincidence. I didn’t go because at that point, it had only been about a month since I graduated from college and I didn’t have a job yet, so I would have felt pretty stupid. Did anyone go to their 5-year or 10-year reunion?

Finally, I’ve removed a couple of the header images from the site. I realized that 22 images might be a bit excessive.