Another iPod Post.

When I told my friend Dustin that I got an iPhone, his reply was simply “You have a problem.” That may be, but what a wonderful problem to have:


Back: 3G 40gb, 1G 4gb mini, 5G 60gb; Front: 1G 5gb, 2G 20gb, 2G shuffle, 1G 4gb iPhone

fiPods.pngA little earlier tonight, I was looking for the Invisible Shield I bought for my video iPod a long time ago, and I came across my retired iPods. Since I haven’t seen them in a while, I thought it might be fun to plug them in to see if they still worked. They all mounted quickly and showed up in iTunes right away, as if they’d never been taken out of daily service.

Fun facts about my iPods, which can now officially be called a collection:

1. I never bought a 4th generation iPod (first fullsize iPod with a clickwheel) or iPod photo (first iPod with color display).

podstack.png2. I also skipped the first generation iPod shuffle, and wasn’t planning to get a 2nd-gen shuffle until Apple introduced the multi-colored versions. I longed for the orange one, since orange has been my favorite color since I was in diapers (seventh grade). Before I could act, Sonja got me an orange one for Valentine’s Day this year, and I was never more sure that she was my soulmate.

3. The most-played song on my 60gb iPod (my daily-use iPod) is In the Kitchen* by Umphrey’s McGee, which is also the most-played song on my iMac and my Powerbook.

4. My 60gb iPod has 6,314 songs, 18 videos and 397mb of “other,” totaling 29.5 days of audio, 7.1 hours of video, or 51.21gb of media. This iPod will probably be replaced with a 160gb iPod classic, if/when Apple gets the bugs worked out. In the picture, it is in a Belkin TuneSync dock & USB hub that I got from Woot for $20. You can find them for as little as $25 right now.

5. Sonja has three iPods: A blue 1G mini, an 80gb 5.5G iPod classic, and a green 2G shuffle. I bought both minis on opening day of the KC Apple Store. I bought the video iPod for her for Christmas last year, and the green shuffle for our first anniversary in July. Yes, we are true romantics.

6. My mom has three iPods as well, a 4G 20gb iPod that has been relegated to kitchen stereo duty since being replaced by a 30gb 5.5G video iPod, and a 1G iPod shuffle that she won in a work raffle.

7. …and the iPods don’t stop there: My dad has one (5G 80gb video iPod) and my sister has two (2G 6gb green mini and 2G silver shuffle) she uses for exercising. Sonja’s mom and sister both have iPod minis (1st-gens, I believe), bringing the total of iPods owned by my immediate family to 18.

And now, my four retired iPods go back into the box where I keep them until next time. I know I should probably sell them, and I might get around to actually doing it one of these days. If someone asked me why I have six iPods, I’d simply answer “because seven would be excessive.”

*iTunes link

iPhone GPS app. Seriously.

The full iPhone post is still coming, but before that, I wanted to make a quick post about the Navizon GPS app that appeared in Installer today.

Navizon is a software-only wireless positioning system that triangulates signals broadcasted from Wi-Fi access points and Cellular towers to help the users find their way in most major metropolitan areas worldwide.

It works really well for me, but others are not having as much luck, especially when it tries to use cellular towers to triangulate the phone’s location. Here are a couple screenshots from my phone:



In this last picture, you can see how accurate it is. The building in the upper left corner is where I work.


Apple should snap up Navizon in a hurry, and then put this app on every iPhone.

New AIM screen name

Quick post to let you, my loyal reader, know that I have changed my AIM screen name. You can now find me at iamseancorcoran on Instant Messenger. I’ll continue to use my old screen name for another week or so. Word.

The new music is not music.

Sonja tivo’ed the MTV Video Music Awards last night, because she likes that sort of thing I guess. She watched it while I was at my desk in the next room, but I came in occasionally to see what was going on.

I don’t think I’ve watched more than 20 minutes of MTV in years, a fact I take pride in. I’m also not at all ashamed to say that I hadn’t heard the majority of the songs nominated. Some might say that is a sign that I’m getting old and out of touch with music, but I point to the fact that I add new music to my library every week, and that I use alternate methods to find new music, like listening to the Current, downloading as many podcasts as I can, and browsing new music on emusic, which has all but replaced the iTunes Music Store for my new music purchases.

So when they announced Chris Brown and Rhianna or the people from “The Hills,” (whatever that is), I can’t help but feel glad that I don’t know (or care) who they are.

The title of this post might make me sound like a crotchedy old man, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that new pop music today absolutely sucks, but this is why, this is why, this is why I’m hot.

I should mention that I think MTV showed some original thinking by having Mark Ronson’s band do the interstitial music for the show and the promos. I’ve been enjoying Version*, his latest album, for a while now, a lot of the music from which was featured on the VMAs.

*iTunes Music Store link