What’s Been Going On

The lack of activity here is inversely related to the amount of activity in my normal life. Granted, I’m not having a baby, adjusting to married life, or airing my old job’s dirty laundry,* I am keeping busy in other ways.

Two weekends ago, Sonja and I went to Minneapolis, and while that’s nothing new, this time we made the entire trip in one night. Usually, when we head north, we spend a night in Des Moines and then continue with the second half of the journey the next morning. This time, we left Kansas City around 7pm and arrived at her parents’ doorstep at about 2:30am.

Just like every other trip there, we stayed a little too late Sunday night (including an hour or so at IKEA), and didn’t end up getting on the road to head home until about 7pm. So that means, you guessed it, we arrived home in KC right around 2:30am, just 5 1/2 hours before I had to work.

The night before we left for Minnesota, we saw Umphrey’s again at Liberty Hall in Lawrence. It was my 13th UM concert and Sonja’s 10th. After the previous two UM shows at Liberty Hall (11.11.05 & 11.08.06), we decided that we didn’t need to be in the front row right against the stage.

Last year we fought back wave after wave of underage drunk college and high school kids to hang onto our spots, and I endured not only being groped by a very intoxicated young lady behind me, but also a nearly comatose dude grinding on my right hip until I almost punched him.

We started the night in the balcony which gave us an excellent view of the stage. I kind of missed being right up front for a while, but that faded when I decided that I enjoyed being able to listen to the music rather than stoners and frat boys try to yell over each other about A) how wasted they were last night, B) how wasted they are are right now, or C) how wasted they are going to be later.

After a quick trip down the street to Jimmy John’s during the setbreak, we moved down to the main floor, but still kept a good distance from the stage and the mass of people crowded around it. It was a great show overall, and it’s always good to see Umphrey’s play live, but I think that I’m finally getting tired of “the scene” that surrounds the shows. Sign #377 that I’m getting old.

*Though I’d have a lot of juicy stuff to share if I did.