Oh crap, I have a blog.

I just remembered I had this thing. Funny how that happens. Anyway, here is an update:

Flickr added to sidebar using this plugin. I’ve also got an app on my iPhone that will allow me to upload photos taken on it to my flickr account, so now I can post pictures and twitter tweets in the sidebar whenever I feel like it.

Sonja and I went to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving, which was fun, as usual. We’ll be back in Iowa this weekend to see my parents and my sister and her boyfriend.

Sonja turned 29 on November 27th. Fortunately for her, I no longer have my “no serious relationships with women over 30” rule.

And I’ve grown a beard. I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep it because it’s kind of annoying, and maintenance is not as easy as “stop shaving.” So it may or may not see the new year. Besides, Sonja doesn’t like it.

So there’s your freakin’ update. I’ll try to think of something more clever to post next time, but until then, here’s a list of 99 yo mama jokes. Enjoy!