Socially Regarded


It’s 3:34am on Black Friday. I’m not up for any reason other than I’m winding down from the day. I suppose I could stay up a little bit longer and go wait in line for Target to open at 4am, but there’s nothing in this world that I need that badly.

Nobody reads this site anymore because I pretty much abandoned it 19 months ago. Cool. I was pretty active on Twitter for a while, but that feels stale now. Now when I check Twitter, I end up unfollowing 4 or 5 people when I can’t remember when why I started following them in the first place.

I’ve been more active on Tumblr as of late, but mostly just to reblog links, pictures, and videos, though very little original content, if any.

I’m trying to use Facebook more, because it seems that’s where people are, but I still feel like my generation (and those before me) are out of place on it. By the time I graduated college, Facebook was still requiring a .edu email address, which I didn’t have access to anymore, so I didn’t bother.

As far as social networks are concerned, I’ve really gotten into the Instagram app for iPhone, but it seems that the site and all uploaded content lives primarily in the app itself. There’s no way to revisit your old photos in a web browser unless you know each photo’s specific URL. So, here are a couple of my favorites among my own photos:





And one taken of me by my lovely wife: