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I’ve been waiting months to post this.

Hey, who’s behind the dark glass in that GTI on Google Maps Streetview?

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One day while on my lunch break, I was sitting in my car in the parking lot at work when I noticed a familiar-looking Chevy Cobalt drive by.

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Realizing I likely wouldn’t have another chance, I sped off after it, finally catching up with it at the stoplight, in the first photo above. I alternated between leading and following the Cobalt for about 5 minutes, before I broke off the chase. The other good shot of me is at the intersection below:

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And if you go backwards from the shot above, you’ll see me accelerate to catch up with the Streetview car, after making a U-turn when it ditched me at a stoplight. In the next shot “forward” or eastbound, I disappear, only to reappear back in my company’s parking lot.

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This happened on September 17th and I’ve been obsessively checking back every couple weeks, waiting for Google to update their maps. Today, my dream became a reality.

Cooper – Cat Photographer

Robbie sent me a great link this morning:

Cooper – Cat Photographer

Cooper is a 3 year old American Shorthair cat living in Seattle. Once a week he wears a lightweight digital camera fastened to his collar, which snaps a new photo every 2 minutes.

I have a feeling that if Sonja and I did this with one of our two cats, all we’d come up with is a lot of photos of the bed, the kitchen, and the other cat’s butthole.


“Technology run amok”

This is pretty old, but I hadn’t seen it until today.

The motion tracking technology behind it is impressive, but completely unnecessary. Instead of making it something held by the commentator, why not make it a part of the news set? The way they implemented it in the above clip, it just comes off as CNN saying “Look what I can do!