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New Mobile Photoblog

I’ve decided I’m going to give tumblr another chance, and upload (at least) one photo per day here:

So, to recap my online presence across these Internets:
My reel.
My flickr photostream.
My facebook profile.
My LinkedIn profile.
My twitter stream.
My PDF resumé.

My goal is to replace the iPhone uploads in my flickr account with this tumblr blog, leaving more room in my flickr account for pictures taken with a camera not attached to a cell phone/ipod/internet communication device.

iPhone Pro-Tip: Reordering Icons After an Update [DEPRECATED]

*Apple has addressed this issue in the iPhone 2.1 software update*

When applications on your iPhone or iPod touch are updated, they get installed at the bottom of the last home screen, leaving an empty spot where the original app resided. I don’t know about you, but it annoys the crap out of me.

This is especially a pain when, to move the updated icon to back to its original position, you have to perform a delicate tap-and-hold-and-drag maneuver while the rest of the icons dance and jump around from row to row and screen to screen, further complicating the process. It’s enough to make me put off updating apps until I can plug my phone into my laptop and let iTunes handle the mess. Until now.

While brushing my teeth this morning, a simple shortcut popped into my head that will make reorganizing after an update virtually painless. And here it is:

1. In the image below, the homescreen on the left is my “main” screen. The empty space was once occupied by OmniFocus, which is now the last icon on the last screen (middle): four screens away from where it’s supposed to be.

2. While on the last screen, tap and hold any icon to activate the wiggling “reorder” mode. Then, pull any icon out of the “dock” at the bottom of the screen (I chose the iPod icon), and replace it with the app you want to move (right). Once it’s in the dock, press the home button to end reorder mode. The icons will stop wiggling.


3. Navigate to the homescreen where you want to place the new icon (below, left), and then tap and hold any icon once again to reactivate reorder mode. Drag the updated app’s icon out of the dock back to where it belongs (below, middle). Press the home button again to turn off reorder mode.

4. Finally, go back to the screen where you dropped off the first icon (below, right). Tap and hold any icon to enter reorder mode one more time, then tap and drag the desired icon back into the dock. Press the home button one last time to end reorder mode, and you’re all done.


This seems like a lot more work than it actually is, and as usual, I’ve over-explained it, but next time you have to update an app, give it a shot. It only takes a couple seconds, but it’s easy and effective. It should hold us over at least until Apple introduces an “update in place” feature, if it’s even possible.

Highway to Hull

I’m writing this in the backseat of Sonja’s parents’ Audi as we make the drive home to Mineapolis after a quick trip to Alcester, South Dakota, for a family reunion. (We’re actually quite a ways past Hull and have just driven through Sheldon, Iowa, but “Highway to Sheldon” didn’t make as catchy a title.)

I’ve now got one full week of the new job under my belt, and I’m happy to say that I still like it. The four days I spent there in mid-July were, in fact, a fine representation of the company and I wasn’t just being shown the “shiny bits” to make it seem nice.

Everyone I’ve met so far has been really cool and I’ve yet to meet anyone not suited for the position they’re in, which is a relief.

The funny thing that I’ve noticed is that, since this company is new to producing their own commercials, each shoot is still something of a novelty to them. On Friday, for example, there was a shoot at a local house. At previous jobs, the crew might have consisted of the producer, director, and copywriter (often all the same person), a shooter and maybe a grip. Add the talent and maybe you’d have four or five people on set.

Here, each one of those positions was an individual person, but add to that a couple sound guys, makeup, gaffer, another grip, lighting, and so on. Plus, the account manager was present. Then, throughout the day, various others would leave the building to “go see the shoot.” This included a couple other copywriters, a VP or two, the creative director, random executives, and another audio guy or two. I, on the other hand, was in the office all day working with the other editor but I think we were a couple of the only people from the creative department who did not visit the shoot.

I’m sure that once the “newness” of producing video in-house wears off, there will be fewer gawkers on location. But as someone who has been on countless shoots and knows how monotonous they can become over the course of a few hours, I can’t imagine wanting to hang around one all day if I didn’t have a legitimate reason to be there.

Maybe that’s why I prefer to work in post, and only occasionally go out on shoots. I’m fine with being there if I’m needed or if I have a reason to be, but I’ve never been one to hang around shoots for too long otherwise, especially if the director has already established a “rhythm,” or lack of a better term, on the set. New people showing up mid-shoot only distracts the talent and crew that is already in place.

So that’s my week. Sonja and I are still trying to decide where we’re going to live. A house may not be out of the question, and right now is probably the best time to buy one since the sellers’ market is in shambles. We still have to find the right house (though we already found the “perfect” house just outside our price range), and we still need to unload the house in Kansas City (see previous statement about sellers’ market). The good thing is that we don’t have to be in any rush, since Sonja’s parents are generously letting us live in their home until we make up our minds. Still, I miss my cats (who have taken temporary residence with my parents in Iowa), and it would be nice to have a place to call a home of our own again.

It’s an exciting (and a little bit scary) time in my life right now, but all the changes have been positive so far (when did this turn into a motivational blog?).