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Bands I’ve Tried to Like But Do Not:

Sigur Rós (sorry Nathan, Robbie, Matt, Siskow, etc.)
Boards of Canada (sorry John)
The Doors (though technically, I never tried.)

Bands I Should Have Been Listening To All Along:

Wilco (Yeah, I’m the guy that finally listened to Wilco.)
Modeselektor (Specifically this album.)
The Who

Bands I Am Trying To Like:

The Shins
Thievery Corporation

Add your own in the comments.

I like my new blog.

I should have switched to WordPress a long time ago.  I’ve been meaning to, but never had the guts to.  At first I was afraid I’d lose all my old posts, but then I realized no one reads this blog anyway, so no big deal if they go away.  I know there is a way to import all my old blogger posts into this blog, but A) the importer doesn’t work on my old blog for some reason and B) I’d rather start fresh anyway.  So that’s that.   I’m hoping that the new format will encourage me to post more often, but we’ll see how that pans out.  Right now, I’m posting from work, which means I’m not being billable, so I can’t make a habit out of this.  But I might anyway.  As long as Robbie keeps his mouth shut about it and doesn’t tell our boss.