Friday night at home!

Obviously, I have some things to learn about WordPress. Why, for example, do paragraph breaks not work? When I start a new paragraph, it doesn’t appear in the published post, and it looks like a big jumbled box of text that jumps from one subject to the next with no pause. If you know how to fix this, please leave a comment.[NEW PARAGRAPH HERE OKAY] Sonja and I are at home this Friday night cleaning the house in preparation for her parents’ arrival tomorrow afternoon. It wasn’t dirty, but there were little tumbleweeds of cat hair here and there. Hardwood floors take some getting used to.[ANOTHER NEW PARAGRAPH GET READY] So that’s what’s up here. I decided that since I had a moment of downtime, I’d post here so that I get into the habit of doing this more often. [FINAL PARAGRAPH COMING UP] Robbie updated his site completely and also started a new WordPress blog. Lookin’ sharp, Robbie.

4:46pm Friday

After some weird behavior in the past few minutes with Dreamhost deciding that it wanted to show the old blog instead of the new one, it appears to be fixed. I am sitting in one of the Avid editing suites at work, waiting for the last few minutes of the day to pass so I can put this week behind me. There are strange things happening here, and it seems like they’re only just beginning. Sometimes I feel like this place runs pretty smoothly, and other times it feels like we’ve lost a wheel or two. Anyway, it is Friday, and that alone is reason enough to celebrate, even if only for a couple days, because come Monday, I’ll be right back here, waiting for the weekend.

I like my new blog.

I should have switched to WordPress a long time ago.  I’ve been meaning to, but never had the guts to.  At first I was afraid I’d lose all my old posts, but then I realized no one reads this blog anyway, so no big deal if they go away.  I know there is a way to import all my old blogger posts into this blog, but A) the importer doesn’t work on my old blog for some reason and B) I’d rather start fresh anyway.  So that’s that.   I’m hoping that the new format will encourage me to post more often, but we’ll see how that pans out.  Right now, I’m posting from work, which means I’m not being billable, so I can’t make a habit out of this.  But I might anyway.  As long as Robbie keeps his mouth shut about it and doesn’t tell our boss.  

My stupid place for dumb things.